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Dot Dot Dot Dot Camera!
I visited five Washington towns yesterday: Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Pe Ell, Chehalis, and Centralia. In downtown Aberdeen, I picked up four cameras at a place called Clevengers. It’s sort of like a used department store — quite huge, and full of lots of random things, including a ton of cameras. I grabbed a Polaroid 450 (an excellent amateur Polaroid packfilm camera), an Ansco Cadet II (a 127 format camera), a Kodak Pony 828 (an 828 format camera), and the superbizarro Traid Fotron II (also 828, but in a proprietary cartridge that was to be developed by the manufacturer). I created a Wikipedia entry for the 828 film, as it was not yet represented. I also plan on making an entry for the Fotron, because its weirdness must not be left undocumented.

Soda Soda Soda Soda Soda Fizz!
This weekend and last I made some nice additions to my strange obsessive Soda Signs series. One grocery store in Seattle managed to provide me with three different signs, as well as some old Coca-Coca metal medallion thingys.
In Pe Ell, I found yet another variety (albeit rather boring) of
7-Up signs, strengthening my opinion that 7-Up signs are the most diverse.

Pepsi, Chehalis, WA

7-Up, Pe Ell, WA

Dr Pepper, Lakeland, WA

Dr Pepper, Lake City Way, Seattle

Orange Crush, Lake City Way, Seattle

Coca-Cola, Lake City Way, Seattle

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