totally divergent types of towns

This weekend, I visited Chicago. I hadn’t really intended to take pictures, but after seeing this sign for a second time, I knew I had to stop and pick up a disposable camera. (The first time I saw it, if I remember correctly, was on this crazy kidnap cab ride we were on.) After Chicago, I took the train to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor is mostly too pretty to be anything I’d want to take pictures of, though I found a few things to shoot.

Before leaving Minnesota, I went a couple Everydot trips. True to my style, I’m posting it about three months later. I finally took pictures of the crazy little town I’m in by far the most, Karlstad (home of my employer). I also shot in a number of North Dakota towns, some of which I’d been to before. I’m trying to replace some of the bug-splattered windshield shots with much more calm, careful, and contemplative ones. By far my favorite town to shoot was also one of the largest dots, Devils Lake.

Road Closed.
Not far from the city of Devils Lake, the lake Devils Lake is rising, flooding miles and miles of land. In one area I drove through, the main road has been continually raised to stay above the water, while side roads have not. Roads lead off away from the highway and straight into the lake. In some places, the only way to see a road was once there is by the perfectly straight lines of weeds that lead off to higher land. In the distance, you can see old farmhouses once on hills are now islands in the ever-expanding lake. In one place, a pickup truck sits at the new end of a road, waiting for water to go back down so it can finally cross.

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