Toledo Union Terminal

A couple weeks ago, I rode from Seattle to New York on Amtrak. One morning I awoke as the train shuddered to a stop in what turned out to be Toledo. The station there was unlike any I’d seen on the trip, as there were few great train stations built in this country during the 1950s. Toledo Union Terminal (now Martin Luther King Jr Plaza) was built in 1950, and in an architectural style more likely to be seen on a school (like my elementary) than a train station.

photo by Alan Loftis on

Amtrak downtown toledo Ohio
photo by J/G on flickr.

photo by Enrico Webers on flickr.

Toledo Amtrak Station
photo by Patrick Rasenberg on flickr.

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  1. guy ludwig says:

    from 1975, when amtrak service resumed there and i lived in ann arbor, to 1980
    (after i had moved to toledo), central union terminal was my “home” depot. i have
    very fond memories of traveling out of the facility (or arriving home) during that period.
    one still came through the building “as designed” in those days (and it was only 25 years
    old), across the covered bridge, into the main lobby and down the stairs, or one of the
    ramps or via the 1950 self service otis elevator (the building had two) to the tracks. one bought a ticket
    at the original ticket counter and, aside from the first generation computers next to the
    agents, things looked much as they were in, say, 1953. i always felt the original design
    was very passenger friendly and it was a pleasant place to wait – to depart, or to meet
    someone inbound. i’m glad the building has been preserved. and i wish the connecting
    train to detroit and west still existed. when that ran — central union terminal really offered
    some travel “range”.

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