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Beach, North DakotaThe Story of my quest to photograph every town in North Dakota aired today on The Story from American Public Media. To hear my segment on the show, download the audio, and head to 31:00. I’m still busy posting all the dots I’ve shot to my Flickr photostream. I wasn’t sure which day the episode would air until I got an email from Flickr user ForgottenSpaces about my photographs. He also mentioned a photography project of his where he photographed billboard environs all over the Midwest. For more background on my Everydot project, read my interview. To see some dots, go to my Flickr photostream or Everydot page. Photos mentioned in the interview:

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3 Responses to Radio Radio

  1. Troy says:

    Listening Now! Have fun in ND :)

  2. Libby says:

    I’m from north central North Dakota (Newburg, population 88). If you ever get up in that area, let me know. The Turtle Mountains are beautiful, so make sure you stop at Lake Metigoshe. Also, there is a point at the western edge of the Turtle Mountains called Mystical Horizons where you can look out and see the flat North Dakota prairie just go on forever…check it out if you get to that part of the state…

  3. Valerie says:

    Cool idea. I’m a fan of ND. I’ll check back again to see if you’ve gotten to Mandan (my mom’s hometown), Glen Ullin (love the red soil there), and other towns west of Bismarck. I live in Chicago ‘burbs and so I appreciate the vastness of ND, the endless horizon, the lonely prairie buildings (especially churches and cemeteries) that are testaments to the people who carved out their lives there and formed caring communities. Sights I’ve enjoyed on drives that one doesn’t see in my area: a long train in a valley that’s in full view – from engine to caboose – as seen from a highway above the valley while driving parallel to the tracks; starting to drive down into a valley and seeing a storm sitting over the highway at the low point and being able to look over and beyond the storm to the dry pavement rising out of the valley on the other side. I also like the lack of traffic!

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