Urbana, North Dakota

Urbana, North Dakota, originally uploaded by afiler.

Ollie, Montana

Ollie, Montana, originally uploaded by afiler.

Dodge, North Dakota

Dodge, North Dakota, originally uploaded by afiler.

Coteau, North Dakota

Coteau, North Dakota, originally uploaded by afiler.

Antler, North Dakota

Antler, North Dakota, originally uploaded by afiler.

Ribbon Farms in North America

Thanks to this Wired article on Ribbon Farms, I finally have a name for a phenomenon I’ve seen before. Much of North America is laid out in 1-mile-square grids with square farm parcels, but farms in areas of French settlement tended to be “ribbon farms”: “long, thin strips oriented perpendicularly to a transportation route”. I decided to dig up some aerial images of places I’ve seen this phenomenon.

Monroe and Frenchtown Townships, Michigan

French Prairie, Oregon

Ste-Agathe, Manitoba

Prairie du Rocher, Illinois

St. James Parish, Louisiana

Small Places, a Kickstarter

Over the past ten years, I’ve photographed every town in North Dakota, plus many places in eastern Washington, and some in Montana, Saskatchewan, and Minnesota too. Now through October 25, 2012 I’m doing a Kickstarter to sell 2 different photo books and some other fun stuff, all to help fund a new project focusing on some of the smallest places in the west. Check it out here.

Oakdale, North Dakota

Oakdale, North Dakota, originally uploaded by afiler.

Davenport, Washington

Davenport, Washington, originally uploaded by afiler.

Soviet “electro-garland” (Xmas lights)

Check out these strings of Soviet-era christmas lights for sale on eBay by magnety222 (who’s always selling awesome USSR-related stuff). Of course, these weren’t called “Christmas” lights — the big yuletide holiday in the USSR was New Year’s. Instead, these are called електрогирлянда (in Russian) and електрогірлянда (in Ukranian) — elektrogirlanda, or electro-garland, and the two styles are “астероид” (asteroid) and “космос” (cosmos).