Orange+Mint? Yes you can.

Over four years after I moved from Minneapolis to Seattle, my couch is finally moving too. It’s an extremely orange couch. Before I move the couch in, I’d like to paint the living room, and I really really really really want to paint it a mint/sea foam green. It seems like a fitting color for the Bauhaus/postwar modern building I’m in. Orange+mint seems like it could be rather loud, though, so I did a Google image search for those two colors. What I found was a color swatch and pattern with both colors I was looking for. And the best part? The name: “Odd”.

Odd color swatch

Palette and pattern by sugar! at, swatch image by

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3 Responses to Orange+Mint? Yes you can.

  1. Okay, that actually looks really cool. I approve!

  2. Monica says:

    i stumbled upon your blog while doing a google search for mint green. what a eclectic combination! i would love to see how your room turned out, you have impeccable taste.

  3. afiler says:

    It looks best if you ignore the monitor stand and chair. :)

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