Moscow, 1982

These are my grandparents. They went on vacation to the USSR in 1982. I have to assume the two men in hats to the left are KGB spies. Presumably the closer one is going for the young, hip look. I think the blue jacket my grandpa is wearing was bought at GUM.

There’s a whole reel of slides, some of which I’ve got scanned and on flickr. I’ve also digitized a recording of my grandpa narrating the slides. Once I’ve got all the images, I’ll try to sync up the slides and the audio.

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3 Responses to Moscow, 1982

  1. Jake says:

    Most people find excuses NOT to see vacation slide shows. You, my friend, are a different breed altogether.

  2. afiler says:

    And if the exotic, foreign city in those slides was Winnipeg, I wouldn’t blame them. This, however, is from a country that doesn’t even exist anymore!

  3. Jess says:

    Ha, and it looks like those dudes are ready to draw on the photographer at a moment’s notice, should the need arise.

    Hey, I love these photos. They’re amazing. It makes me remember that when I take photos of my hotel room when traveling, it’s not because I’m being stupid, it’s because it will be awesome 30 years later.

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