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Spooky School. This former school building sits unloved but not abandoned, in Lockhart, Minnesota. It seems massive for a town of this size. There are three floors of classrooms. The top two have roofs and floors collapsing into them, but the bottom floor is yet uncrushed. A sign scrawled where a chalkboard once was exhorts (other?) vandals to get out now.

Downtown Cow Town. Melvin, Minnesota has sidewalks, which is rare for a Dot this small on the map. What’s even more rare is that it also has curbs. Unfortunately, anyone trying to walk on the sidewalks is met with 25,000 volts, since this part of town is now a cow pasture.

More Dots. This day, I visited Melvin, Greenview, Beltrami, Hadler, Anthony, Heiberg, Flaming, and Sundal. Greenview was identified only by business (once a grain elevator?) alongside the railroad. Flaming seemed to be nearly nonexistent and was only on one of my two maps. A different map used in 2005 made me conclude that Sundal was also nonexistent, but I revisited it and found I’d been in the wrong spot. Sundal, near Rindal, does exist, in the form of a church and an abandoned creamery.

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3 Responses to west central dots

  1. Trish Lewis says:

    Andy, I ADORE your website. Your work is critical in documenting the towns that are passing away. Hope you publish a book of them, especially the Minnesota ones. I will be your first customer! Keep up the great work…

    Trish Lewis
    St. Vincent, Minnesota native
    Now living in Fargo, ND
    http://56755.blogspot.com (about St. Vincent)

  2. Glen says:

    Found your site through boingboing – what an amazing project you’ve undertaken. I’m a fan of the Norcross and Donnelly schools too – shot some photos during a weekend drive last year after spotting the Norcross schoolhouse for sale on eBay (sold for $7500).

  3. Ross says:

    Hey Andy! Glad to see you made it to Lockhart. That’s my neck of the woods!

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