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About a year ago (9 October 2004 to be exact) I took some photos of two cemeteries near Mavie, MN. It was a bright, sunny, and very windy October
day. It was pretty hot out for October, actually, close to 80 I think.
I drove to the first cemetery and it was near a church, right on the
edge of a field. There were no trees around, so it was incredibly
bright. The grass had pretty well died, and the fields were golden
with dried plants. It’s a hot bright windy
day, and all I can see for miles around are the yellow and orange of
grasses and tree leaves. I took some photos of the headstones and
things. It was about as un-scary as a cemetery could get. The second
cemetery, the Germantown Cemetery, was out in a field as well, but this one was surrounded by trees. The grass in it was still green, and there was a lot of shade
from surrounding oak trees. There was no church near this cemetery –
a marker told that it had been torn down. A farmer was plowing or
something in the field nearby and either didn’t notice me or more
likely just didn’t care that I was there.
Nearly a year later, I finally looked at the photos. I picked a few of them out and have posted them in a section called Cemeterial.

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