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New Everydots. Following a trip from Seattle to home (northwestern Minnesota) and back, I have a few new photos. Wallace, Idaho is a mountainous town under and along I-90. It’s interesting in that it appears to have a tourist draw, but at the same time it’s still got some nice stale 50s and 60s-ness to it. Hebron, North Dakota is the Brick City and home to, of course, Hebron Brick. Killdeer, North Dakota, on Highway 200, feels a bit like the Wild West, except for the well-paved streets. Florian, Minnesota is not much more than a crossroads, but it’s known for its church and park. Girard, Minnesota is quite literally just a wide spot in the road, near Crookston. Finally, there’s Eldred, Minnesota, not far from Girard, but still with a few visible bits of town, plus, most importantly, a sign.

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  1. crystal says:

    wow. I didn’t even know those stores existed anymore. There used to be a jack & jill in Hawley, MN, but it’s been torn down now. Unfortunate….it had the old wood floor that was all uneven and you couldn’t let go of your shopping cart or it would roll away from you. hehe…thanks for the memory.

    p.s. found your page via Dan’s. have a nice day!

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