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Faded Signs on Glass. From Gilby, ND, the ghost of the Red Owl. I think the Owl was gobbled up around 1990 by Supervalu (which just recently swallowed up Albertson’s as well). Long-gone Supervalu logos can be found in Karlstad (also here).

Tea? On a rare sunny Seattle afternoon, I snapped this. It’s a Lipton sign with the same sort of lettering as for Salada tea in Gardenton, Manitoba. I remember “Salada” being on the windows of a northern Michigan gas station in a John Bellairs book. Thanks to Amazon, I’m reminded that it was Gert Bigger’s store: “Bigger’s Grocery Store was surrounded on three sides by a dark forest of pines. The store was just a white frame house with a plate glass window in the front. Through the window you could see rows of stacked groceries and a cash register and counter in the rear. Some green letters on the window had once spelled SALADA, but now they just said ADA.” Apparently remembering the smallest details from a book one read at age twelve is no obstacle to finding a complete reference within seconds.

Hellenic, Wild Soon to be covered by Seattle condos, a jumbled mess of Hellenic Wide painted on brick.

Something to Drink. I shot some more soda signs to slurp on. It’s always fun to find ones that have loomed over you and you’ve never noticed, like the Sprite sign below. The Diet-Rite is on a bench in front of the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis. I’d been meaning to get that one for a long time, and when I finally did, I discovered that Williams Food & Video (which was later to reveal Orange Crush on one side and Cliquot Club on the other side is now the Clicquot Club Cafe. I actually spotted the Dad’s below on a Star Tribune article on the impending sale of Joseph’s Market in west St Paul. Finally, there’s Royal Crown Cola sign at the “Public Food Market”. That’s not THE market in Seattle, mind you, just a corner store
apparently closed but not yet emptied of goods. Peer through the windows in the next feature below.

Public Food. From what I can tell, this little corner store (the Public Food Market, see the sign immediately above) was closed. I checked it for a few days and there seemed to be no change, yet there was still food sitting on the shelves. Press your face up to the glass and see what you can see.

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