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Toledo Union Terminal

A couple weeks ago, I rode from Seattle to New York on Amtrak. One morning I awoke as the train shuddered to a stop in what turned out to be Toledo. The station there was unlike any I’d seen on the trip, as there were few great train stations built in this country during the 1950s. Toledo Union Terminal (now Martin Luther King Jr Plaza) was built in 1950, and in an architectural style more likely to be seen on a school (like my elementary) than a train station.

photo by Alan Loftis on

Amtrak downtown toledo Ohio
photo by J/G on flickr.

photo by Enrico Webers on flickr.

Toledo Amtrak Station
photo by Patrick Rasenberg on flickr.

Design Porn: Knox Unflavored Gelatine

Knox Unflavored Gelatine box

Design Porn: Royal Tapioca Pudding box

Royal Tapioca Pudding box