Monthly Archives: October 2006

long shadows

November. It’s that time of year again, when the clocks change and suddenly at 3pm western faces are burning orange and by 5pm all the skies scream shades of blue. It’s like a condensed summertime experience, in the space of a few hours, every day. It lasts for a couple weeks and then something changes. The sunsets get short and meaningless and they lose the stretch of illuminated blue skies.

It was a brilliantly sunny day here, and brilliantly short. I couldn’t believe I was seeing the orange of a 9pm summer sunset at 3pm. Lucky for me, I happened to go out when I did. 5:30, facing west, on October 31 will give you an amazing gradient. Barely visible at the horizon is the last orange fringe, and yet the top of the sky shows nothing of a sunset at all.

I first noticed a couple years ago that these beautiful sunsets occured around the first couple weeks in November. This particular photo is from about November 3, 2004.