Monthly Archives: May 2005

plus d’extant design

Swell Chicken-Flavored Design. The Extant Design just doesn’t stop. More from everyone’s favorite Extant Designers, Croyden House. Inside my brain, Croyden House and Fluffernutter are fighting it out for the title of Best Extant Design.

For those who aren’t familiar with Extant Design, it’s the idea that there are products that sit on store shelves whose package design hasn’t changed in decades. The products leap out at me, sometimes for good design and sometimes for bad (or no) design, but they all look like they could have been sitting on that same shelf since before I was born.

more extant design

Kosher Extant Design. More Extant Design, this time, from a shopping trip to Fishman’s Kosher Market. This opened me up to a whole new world of food products whose graphic design has remained mostly unchanged for decades. There’s a lot of margarine. I couldn’t resist — four different types of margarine, huddling together, oblivious to the outside world. Too bad I didn’t find any of this margarine. It’s not all margarine, don’t worry — there are also donuts, frozen fish, and pizza sauce.