Monthly Archives: September 2000


i added a link on the stupid hacks page to the legopc. how could i have forgotten!? also, for a fruitier version of the legopc, there’s a whole bunch of macintosh lego computers at (not lego actually, but mega block). a guy at netscape has a lego computer too (he used a lot more bricks than ben and i did). lego has bulk ordering now too. but it’s still not quite reasonably priced for building very large items out of legos (100 2×8 bricks for $8.99, not bad, but could be better). if anyone knows where I could get, say a big box, of generic super bloxx or some other lego copy, tell me! (

me, homework, stuff

“geek” or “hacker” has become cool. don’t ask me how. just watch hackers. (even though it was horribly horribly inaccurate, i liked watching it.) in real life though, most geeks are more like kevin mitnick than jonny lee miller (of hackers(imdb), and, i just realised, trainspotting). i’m sort of an non-stereotypical geek. i don’t play many games (like none at all!) and i don’t like science fiction (nor do I crack websites and steal credit card numbers). yet i manage to spend far too many hours on the computer. most “geeks” around me are into games, never seem to do their homework, and are pretty antisocial. i try not to be. unfortunately, like a geek, i spend way too much time not doing my homework. that’s the difference between geeks and nerds. nerds do their homework right away. geeks would rather do something with technology than do homework. I get my homework done eventually (unlike some geeks). and now, that is where i go, off to do homework.

old pictures

i’d like to collect more old technology pictures, like the pet pictured above. i’ve got a couple in the weird photos section. some day, i may have to scan my old stacks of magazines (if mom hasn’t thrown them all) and post some of the ads from them. i’ve got pc magazine and pc computing from the 80′s, and radio-electronics from the 70′s. if anyone has any more sources for pictures of old computers, let me know (


welcome. i can’t imagine why you’re here, but i’m glad you came. sit down. take a load off. have a look around. sample our fine wines and cheeses. most of all, have a good time. and don’t forget to water your lawn.